Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Plan (WIP)

Stage 1: Comprehension (1-2 weeks?)

  • Read through Dancing Monkeys project report, particularly Chapter 6
  • Read through MATLAB code and understand what code correspond to the different parts of the project
  • Locate the specific section(s) of code related to beat detection
  • Compile and test MATLAB code on SIGLAB computers with time testing
  • Set up Github repository and experiment with code synchronization/branching
  • Brainstorm GPU acceleration techniques
  • Learn MATLAB!

Stage 2: Modification (until all rough implementations complete)

  • Implement the various brainstormed GPU techniques
  • Document all approaches taken and all benchmark results
  • Compare results, select most efficient to work off of

Stage 3: Optimization (until project end date)

  • Analyze technique in more detail (why it works, why better than others, etc.)
  • Optimize, optimize, optimize!
  • Target minimum 5x speedup, ideally 10x speedup
  • Clean up as a patch to the original Dancing Monkeys project source code
  • Write report with results
  • Prepare demo ; )

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